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Ortnergasse 7
1150 Vienna


In the 3-storey residential building, an attic is being expanded, including an addition. Furthermore, additional open spaces for relaxed living are created through balconies and terraces. In summary, this is 837 m² of usable space and open spaces with a size of 127 m².


In “Ortnergasse 7, 1150 Vienna”, 15 comfortable, superbly divided residential units, which range in area from 26 m² to 122 m², are being extensively renovated.


- More Details -

SplusO Immo develops, builds and looks after special residential, office and commercial properties in Austria. Our objects are strange because they play a key role in shaping the function and aesthetics of urban space. We are concerned with the efficient and long-term use of resources in Austria, which will further develop and improve the city on all levels.

- Construction Phases -

Until the turnkey property has been accepted, the developer is also the builder. He takes over the entire organization. As a buyer, you can still express your individual wishes and follow the construction progress on the construction site.




- Our Partners -

We are very grateful for the support of our partners, with whom we have grown together and have been able to build a great network. Many long-term collaborations have resulted from this so far.