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Schopenhauer Straße
1180 Vienna


This dreamy residential property is located in the 18th district of Vienna, not far from the Vienna General Hospital and the fine, small Kutschkermarkt. The two almost identical houses were built around 1879 and are located in a quiet one-way street. The old building apartments for sale are being refurbished to a high standard, adapted to modern living requirements and extended to include sunny balconies and terraces. There are two retail spaces for sale on the ground floor. These are ideal as private consultations for doctors from numerous surrounding hospitals.


In the course of the roof extension, two gallery apartments with sun terraces and a luxurious penthouse on just one level with up to 4 separate bedrooms will be created

completed Apartments:

- More Details -

Acquisition, ownership, renovation, development, exploitation and rental of real estate as well as real estate trading.

- Construction Phases -

Until the turnkey property has been accepted, the developer is also the builder. He takes over the entire organization. As a buyer, you can still express your individual wishes and follow the construction progress on the construction site.




- Our Partners -

We are very grateful for the support of our partners, with whom we have grown together and have been able to build a great network. Many long-term collaborations have resulted from this so far.